Thursday, May 29, 2008

TechMeme and 'bike-shedding'

The problem with TechMeme is that even though the name suggests it is about Tech - it is really about politics (in Tech). Politics is important, even in Tech, sure - but this only amplifies the importance - while the ideal TechMeme would rely more on meritocracy. This is another example of "bike-shedding" - everyone can talk about the politics - but only a few know the technology and you'll always get more links to political articles then to technical ones.

Something with an anti-bike-shedding algorithm would be the real Magic Meme Machine.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


When I was thinking about starting a business I had the idea of giving away some micro-shares to my online frieds - just to maintain good will from their side. Anyone tried something like that? If done en masse - this could become some kind of 'socialism' - interesting when the negative politics would kick in. Sounds like a cool experiment - the question is how much of bureaucracy this would involve?