Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Reading: "The Wealth of Networks : How Social Production Transforms Markets and Freedom "

Yochai Benkler did it again: "The Wealth of Networks" . After reading the first 200 pages my verdict is - 'a must read', for anyone wanting to understand our world and our civilisation at the beginning of the 21 century. Impressively broad and systematic analysis, not only of the economic mechanism, originally covered in "Coases Penguin", but also all the political, cultural and sociological consequences of Peer Production.

The chapter on individual autonomy was really resonating with my feelings as an Open Source author. Yes - this is the feeling of freedom, the feeling that you really choose by yourself, that you don't need to ask anyone what to do but really weight all the input data by yourself - this is what attracts programmers to Open Source. I found the approach of analysing the autonomy of individuals much closer to me than the dogmatic discourse of Stallman.

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