Saturday, November 18, 2006

Individualism as a Socio-Economic Phenomenon

Individualism lets the society test new ways of doing practically everything. The costs are beared by the individual - while his success can be easily copied by others and become beneficial for everyone. Those statements are true in our current socio-economic reality but they are not universal (imagine an nomadic tribe - at least some individualism for example in choosing the direction of the wandering cannot be copied by others after it proves successfully) - so individualism is not universal either. This might also explain the success of the western societies with very individualistic culture - this was a good adaptation for the changes or recent history.

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boz said...

The more powerful is the individualist, the more costs of his risks affect the society (and not only him).
And social system lowers the risks for one person, putting it at the whole society (socialism - anti-individual).